If your organization is not yet able to support a senior level HR partner on staff, we can provide you with the assistance and services of your very own HR Business Partner at a fraction of the cost.   We also provide extra support to existing HR departments who need help with a special project or challenge.  WIth options including ongoing retained services contracts, hourly pay-as-you go billing and project specific pricing we will work with you to create a fee schedule that works best for your business.  Our initial consultation is complimentary.


One size does not fit all when it comes to managing the people side of organizations.  As your personal HR Business Partner, we will work with you to identify your HR goals, consider your resources, and develop a thoughtfully prioritized plan of action to support measurable results..             

Support as you Grow

Finding, developing and keeping the best employees, those who are committed to client satisfaction and your organizational success, are critical components of growing a successful business.  Whether it is related to strategic planning, talent acquisition and planning, HR compliance and employment law, employee relations, performance management, or training and development, we have the experience, knowledge and network of exceptional professional service providers to help you realize measurable improvement in employee and organizational performance.  


 NEHRC will partner with you and your employees to create solutions designed to address your organizations unique challenges, and help you  to successfully implement those solutions.

Our Commitment

 To provide every client with sound, timely and personalized advice, guidance, tools, training and support at a fair price, with the goal of  helping them meet their organizational objectives while earning their trust and consistently exceeding their expectations.