Robin Miller, Owner and Principal Consultant

Robin has more than 20 years of HR generalist, training and business operations and management experience with a broad range of for-profit and non-profit businesses and industries including financial services, consumer products manufacturing, real estate, interior design, hospitality, retail,  health care, secondary education and higher education.   Robin has experience working with many different size organizations, and with varied organizational cultures and structures,  and is adept at assessing organizational needs and developing strong and effective relationships with business owners, managers and employees. She has significant knowledge and experience in the areas of talent acquisition and development, performance management, strategic planning, employee relations, training and facilitation, and HR policies and compliance.  Robin received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with honors from Emmanuel College, Boston.

"What I enjoy most about working as a Human Resource Consultant is that it provides a puzzle with each new client.  I enjoy the process of working with business owners, managers and employees to understand their needs, challenges and opportunities, and then working collaboratively to implement positive, sustainable solutions.  Along the way, I hope to inspire business leaders to think differently about the people side of their business.  No two HR challenges are ever quite the same, and I excel at providing a calm, steady, and thoughtful approach to each and every situation."